Carson Block

You can’t miss the newly restored Carson Block Building in Old Town Eureka. The three story structure was constructed in 1892 for lumber baron William Carson and is comprised of over 46,000 square feet of usable commercial space. The building was the first of its kind in Eureka to include professional offices and large retail spaces, and contained the 837 seat theater Ingomar Theater, one of the most ornate theaters of its time on the West Coast. It was purchased by the Northern California Indian Development Council (NCIDC) in 1986 in order to help fulfill one of NCIDC’s primary and specific purposes, which is the conservation and preservation of historic and archeological sites and resources.
The restoration was a long process that, for AEDC, started with a community investment in the project of $1.5 million dollars, made in partnership with the Headwaters Fund, Humboldt Area Foundation and RREDC.  The project included many partners, from investors to foundations, from the city and state and even national agencies.

“Everybody did such an outstanding job participating in the restoration of this one of a kind architectural gem,” said Ross Welch, executive director of AEDC. “We hope this demonstrates what can be done when people work together on a common project. NCIDC did a great job including partners and that, in part led to its success. That, and a lot of hard work, research, planning and determination to see it through.