Crestmark Architectural Millworks

Arcata-based Crestmark Architectural Millworks is a full service cabinetry & millwork provider, specializing in the engineering, fabrication and installation of custom millwork products, including veneer paneling, wood cabinetry & fixtures, moldings and more.  Most of their projects are located in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, which includes the Peninsula, East Bay, South Bay and areas as far South as Monterey though they also recently completed all of the custom millwork for the new Redwood Hotel Casino in Klamath.

 "Often when local businesses consider selling outside the area, they think they need a different skillset- that it is a different world," observed Sean Olsen, who co-owns Crestmark with his brother Scott. "We found that it is really not so different after all."

Olsen says that the brothers used the same networking principals that many businesses use here locally in order to establish themselves in the greater Bay Area.  "You still need to use your contacts-meet people and shake hands. Maybe the networking events are a little bigger than an Arcata Chamber mixer but the same networking ideas still apply. You just need to get in," Olsen said. And Crestmark did. 

One of Crestmark's most notable projects is the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), where they are creating 75 separate modules that include a wide array of highly custom cabinetry, wood wall cladding, solid surface countertops, shelving, cased openings, trim, architectural metalwork, and custom furniture pieces.  Crestmark's contract includes engineering, fabrication and installation of all components.

The Olsens have used AEDC financing to facilitate expansion of their business (tooling, computer system upgrades, leasehold improvements), provide working capital in the early days of the business, and  "front end" large projects.