Hotel room

Inn at 2nd and C

At the Historic Eagle House


The new owners of the Inn at 2nd and C (Formally known as the Eagle House) have been busy “sprucing up the place,” says co-owner Jenny Metz. In addition to replacing the basics like mattresses, linens and more, funding from AEDC and RREDC is supporting major repairs, including new commercial hot water tanks and a new roof coming in August.

Jenny admits she pulled partners Tammy Rex, Rebecca Rex, and Tim Metz into the project. Attending events there, with her background as an event producer, helped her see the venue’s potential.  When the building went on the market, she made some calls and the new owners had a project.  
Collectively the partners bring plenty of financial, business, event, marketing, promotion experience and more to the effort.  In the short term, they plan to give the inn a face-lift and make the inn more tenant and guest/commercial friendly.  Eventually they hope to add a roof top garden patio and bar and more.
While the owners still have a lot on their to-do list, Metz says guests and visitors are already appreciating their efforts.
“The reactions of the guests and visitors just confirm our feelings and add to our joy. They love it and tell us how special this place is,”she said. “We are very blessed to be caretakers of this historic treasure and the support we have received from the community, business partners, friends and our family has been amazing.  We are so grateful to be a part of this community.”