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Redwood Coast Regional Economic Summit

Mon, 2022-10-31 08:39 -- Susan

For those who missed it, we had a great Redwood Coast Regional Summit. We have recorded the entire session including day two, which featured a number of breakout sessions listed below. You can find them all here.


  1. HOUSING | Creative Solutions to the Housing Crisis: Workforce and Affordable Housing Solutions from Clearlake and Fort Bragg. Alan Flora, City Manager, City of Clearlake | Sarah McCormick, Assistant City Manager, City of Fort Bragg

  2. RENEWABLE ENERGY | Humboldt Bay's Offshore Wind Could Create Regional Benefits. Amy Jester, Director of Policy, Advocacy and Civic Leadership, Humboldt Area & Wild Rivers Community Foundation | Katerina Oskarsson, Executive in Residence, Redwood Region Climate and Community Resilience (CORE) Hub.

  3. WATERFRONT INFRASTRUCTURE | Strategic Development of a Community Park Space as an Economic Driver. Eric Wier, City Manager, City of Crescent City

  4. ROADS & TRANSPORTATION | The Benefits of Integrated Transit and Housing. Jerome Qiriazi, Transit Planner, Humboldt Transit Authority

  5. FOOD SYSTEMS | Food Hub Infrastructure Supports Small Farmers and Markets, Feeds Growing Population. Portia Bramble, Executive Director, North Coast Growers Association

  6. EDUCATION | Klamath River Promise Neighborhoods: A River of Opportunities. Terry Supahan, Executive Director, True North Organizing Network | Josh Norris, Director, Klamath River Promise Neighborhoods, Yurok Tribe Education Department

  7. COASTAL DEVELOPMENT | Growing a Blue Economy on the Mendocino Coast. Mary Anne Petrillo, Executive Director, West Business Development Center | Sarah McCormick, Assistant City Manager, City of Fort Bragg | Tim Karas, President, Mendocino-Lake Community College District

  8. HEALTH CARE | Blue Zones: Live Better, Longer. Jamey Gill, Executive Director, Blue Zones Project Lake County | Tina Tyler-O'Shea, Executive Director, Blue Zones Project Mendocino County

  9. CHILD CARE | A Comprehensive Approach to Sustain the Child Care Industry. Susan Seaman, Program Director, Arcata Economic Development Corporation & Mayor, City of Eureka | Jade Hoff, 

  10. ARTS & CULTURE | Art, Culture, and Community Wellbeing. Leslie Castellano, Executive Director, The Ink People Center for the Arts | Alyssum Wier, Executive Director, Arts Council of Mendocino County

  11. FISHERIES | Fishermans' Docks Connect Buyers and Sellers Directly, Keep Catches and Profits Local. Anna Neumann, Harbormaster, Noyo Harbor District | Ashley Vellis, Owner, Ashley's Seafood

  12. FORESTRY & BUILDING| Forest Health & Resilient Communities: Turning Risks into Opportunities. Christy Prescott, CalForest WRX Program Lead for Six Rivers National Forest | Ryan Heitz, Economic Development Coordinator & CalForest WRX Program Lead for Humboldt County

  13. TOURISM | The Power of Telling Our Own Story: Cultural and Eco Tourism on Yurok Tribal Lands. Rosie Clayburn, Cultural Resources Director and Tribal Heritage Preservation Officer | Tiana Williams-Claussen, Wildlife Department Director

  14. SMALL BUSINESS | How to Take Impactful, Meaningful, and Far-reaching Climate Action as a Small Business. Patty Martin, PhD, Climate Consultant, Patty Martin Consulting

  15. FARMING | Best-in-Class Regenerative, Organic Farming Comes Naturally to the Redwood Coast. Blake Alexandre, Owner, Alexandre Family Farm | Joy Merrilees, VP of Production, Shannon Family of Wines


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